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01. Flash Flight Sim... - 86947
02. TU Unleashed - 67545
03. TU 46 - 28774
04. Simulator Of Raf... - 21341
05. TU 95 - 17320
06. Pegasus - 16264
07. Storm - 12886
08. Will It Fly? - 11344
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TU UnleashedTU 46
Simulator Of Raf...Pegasus
StormWill It Fly?
Flight Simulator Games
TU Unleashed TU Unleashed
TU Unleashed : Delivering passengers around 7 different islands with absolute safety and on time will take some very good lane flying skills. There are many upgrades that will help you during the flights.
TU 46 TU 46
TU 46 : You will be flying the passenger aircraft from Tupolev. Fly the plane safely to help passengers get to certain destinations. There are many upgrades to avail during the cool game play.
TU 95 TU 95
TU 95 : Play through the 6 awesome levels of the game in which you have to drive the plane to take off smoothly, fly to certain destination and land very smoothly. Many lives are at stack and hence you had better fly the plane safely.
Simulator Of Rafale Simulator Of Rafale
Simulator Of Rafale : This game being French is probably a hurdle that you will require to overcome. Fly the plane and take good care of its safety while trying to accomplish various objectives in the game.
Pegasus Pegasus
Pegasus : Control the movements of the plane and have fun playing this particular online airplane flying game. The 3D graphics of the game is the feature that will grab your attention during the game play.
Storm Storm
Storm : The lives of the passengers are all dependent on your plane flying skills. You have to fly the plane in the bad weather condition while doing well to avoid all the lightning bolts.
Will It Fly? Will It Fly?
Will It Fly? : Play the game in basic mode or advanced mode depending upon your skills. Adjust the weight and the load on your plane and start flying to go the distance. The game will take some quick and accurate calculations.
Flash Flight Simulator Flash Flight Simulator
Flash Flight Simulator : The game includes various interesting modes and options to choose from. Your main target in the game is to fly the planes very skillfully.

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01. TU 95 - 5
02. Flash Flight Sim... - 5
03. Will It Fly? - 5
04. Storm - 5
05. Pegasus - 5
06. Simulator Of Raf... - 5
07. TU 46 - 5
08. TU Unleashed - 5
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